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Modified material refers to plastic products that have been modified by filling, blending and strengthening on the basis of general plastics and engineering plastics to improve the properties of flame retardancy, strength, impact resistance and toughness. It can be used in home appliances, electronic components, power tool coatings, and engine peripheral parts(radiator fan, component, radiator fan, tappet cover, radiator bathtub, head cover, intake manifold, air filter housing,etc).

Modified Nylon Plastic Raw Material PA6 GF30 V0 Granules

Modified Nylon plastic raw material PA6 GF30 V0 granules required to have high strength and high heat resistance. The PA6-GF30 products are stable at high temperatures, have good mechanical properties, and are lightweight. pa6-gf25 are widely used in automotive engine parts, electrical parts, body parts and airbags. While maintaining the aesthetics of the vehicle, it is recognized by major automobile manufacturers.The actual shrinkage is also a function of the plastic part design, wall thickness and other process parameters.

Price of polyamide resin long glass fiber filled chemical nylon66 color granules

Price of Polyamide Resin Long Glass Fiber Filled Chemical Nylon66 color granules has advangetages of high modulus, high rigidity, high performance-price ratio, low water absorption rate, dimensional stability and excellent weld-ability etc. Nylon66 material has excellent overall properties which enable its well performance under thermal, electrical, physical and chemical condition. PPA still maintains high rigidity & strength, as well as excellent dimensional accuracy&stability even under high temperature.

ABS resin UL-94 V0 V1 V2 granules pc abs alloy glassfiber reinforced flame retardant

ABS resin UL-94 V0 V1 V2 granules ,pc/abs alloy,glassfiber reinforced flame retardant is a kind of biodegradable plastics specifically designed for film blowing and film casting through conventional blowing or film casting machine. It contains no inorganic filler, with good flexibility and high tensile strength. The material is non-toxic and can be used for food packaging. The film with modified polylactide resin still remains good clarity. This is a totally bio-degradable plastics, furthermore passing the bio-based content testing of United States BETA laboratory, American SGS testing and certification of FDA food contact detection.

PC+ ABS plastic granules pellets raw material reinforced modified abs pc plastic

PC+ ABS plastic granules/pellets raw material reinforced modified abs pc plastic is made into large bulb shade, protective glass, the right and left eyepiece tube of optical instruments. Also, it is used as the transparent materials in plane.It can be made into cap, tube, bottle and dental equipment, drug containers and surgical instruments. Even be used as an artificial kidney, artificial lung and other artificial organs and made into Double-wall hollow bars, glass of greenhouse. For textile industry, PC/ABS is suitable for making bobbin, textile machine bearing. For daily, PC/ABS is good material can be made into tableware, toys and models.

PA66 Nylon 6 Nylon 66 Granule Polyamide 66 PA Granule for Modified Engineering

PA66 / Nylon 6 / Nylon 66 Granule /Polyamide 66 PA granule for modified engineering has stable quality of product, uniform relative molecular weight . Superior electrical insulation property, Alkali resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. It is mainly applied to Nylon short silk which short fiber can be blended with cotton, wool and viscose fiber, containing good abrasive resistance and strength. It also can be used for loop fasteners, decorative cloth, etc. Products like tyre fabrics, band carrier, fishing net and mooring rope are made by PA6 bright chips in industry.

Modified Engineering Plastic ABS Black Granules Plastics Material

Modified engineering plastic ABS black granules plastics material is one of the five major synthetic resins. It is an acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene triblock copolymer, with excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties. It is easy to match color, and can be used for secondary processing such as surface metallization, electroplating, welding, hot pressing and bonding. It is widely used in machinery, automobiles and electronic appliances. In the industrial fields of instrumentation, textiles and construction, it is an extremely versatile thermoplastic engineering plastic.

Factory price plastic material modified and transparent PP granules

Factory price plastic material modified and transparent PP granules is small, only 0.89-0.91, which is one of the lightest varieties in plastics.Good mechanical properties, in addition to impact resistance, other mechanical properties are better than polyethylene, molding processing performance is good. It has high heat resistance and the continuous use temperature can reach 110-120 °C and good chemical properties, almost no water absorption, and does not react with most chemicals.

Engineering plastics manufacture produce modified PA6 PA66 5-10% fiberglass material

Engineering plastics manufacture produce modified PA6/PA66 5-10% fiberglass materialPA has the advantages of high mechanical strength, high softening point, good wear resistance, self-lubrication, cushioning, sound deadening, excellent oil and chemical corrosion resistance, and good electrical insulation. Because of these superior performance, PA composite have already replaced some metals being as structural materials.Product application: used in various machine fan blades, electrical housings, sports equipment, power tools, etc.

10-40% glassfiber reinforced pp polypropylene automotive components plastic raw materials modified engineering plastics

10-40% glassfiber reinforced pp polypropylene automotive components plastic raw materials modified engineering plastics, as polypropylene, its salient features include density is small, light quality, and under the condition of high stress crack resistance is strong, heat-resisting and physical mechanical properties, is widely used as a kind of plastic material, PP materials used in the industries can be seen everywhere, such as electrical equipment, food packaging, auto parts and various kinds of PP film and so on.

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